About Eric Elder Ministries

Thanks for wanting to know more about Eric Elder Ministries!

Our purpose is to share the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world, instilling faith in those who don’t know Him and increasing faith in those who do.

“The Ranch Fellowship” and “This Day’s Thought from The Ranch” are ministries of Eric Elder Ministries, recognized by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization since 1996.

Our Financial Commitment

We believe very much in the power of prayer and we trust that God is the ultimate provider for everything we do.

“Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand” (1 Chronicles 29:14b).

We also realize that God often provides by moving on the hearts of people who are willing and eager to see his work accomplished. In that light, we are glad to share our needs with others who may be interested in this work.

Because we receive resources for ministry through individual donors, we recognize our accountability both to Him and to our donors, and our responsibility to be faithful stewards and to maintain integrity and openness in our financial practices. Therefore, we are committed to fulfilling the following standards:

  • We subscribe to a written statement of faith clearly affirming our commitment to the evangelical Christian doctrine. Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the singular objective of our financial conduct.
  • We are an incorporated, non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization governed by a responsible Board of Directors.
  • We provide copies of our current financial statements upon request.
  • Our fund-raising appeals clearly identify the purpose and programs to which donations will be applied, and we ensure that donations are used for the purposes for which they were raised.
  • Contributions to the ministry are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. In order to help our donors determine the tax-deductible portion of their gifts, we send receipts for all donations showing the fair market value of any goods or services provided to the donor.
  • Out of respect for individuals’ privacy, we do not sell or rent our mailing list to other groups wishing to use the names and addresses of our supporters. We maintain tight security on our list of friends and supporters.

Our Statement Of Faith

We believe…

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God,
  • He came to earth to die for our sins,
  • and those who believe in him will have everlasting life.

We believe…

  • the Bible is true,
  • it is God’s word to us,
  • and we should live our lives according to it.

We believe…

  • the Holy Spirit has been sent to us by God,
  • He speaks to us and guides us,
  • and He empowers us to carry out God’s work on the earth.

Our complete statement of faith can be found in the Bible, beginning at Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21.

Our Board Of Directors

Our board of directors, which consists of the following people, meets regularly to pray, set directions, oversee budgets, and review ministry accomplishments for Eric Elder Ministries in general and The Ranch website in particular.

  • Eric Elder, President and Chairman of the Board
    Creator of The Ranch website and Eric Elder Ministries in Chenoa, Illinois
  • Al Lowry, Vice President and Board Member
    Founder of the GIG worship ministry at Saddleback Church in Orange County, California
  • Brent Knapton, Secretary/Treasurer and Board Member
    Founder of an international missions organization in Houston, Texas
  • Dan Mountney, Board Member
    Main Campus Pastor at Kensington Community Church in Troy, Michigan

Past board members include:

  • Steve Knight, Former Secretary and Board Member
    Internet Editor for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Lana Elder, Former Secretary and Board Member
    Co-founder of The Ranch website and Eric Elder Ministries in Chenoa, Illinois

Join Us!

If you’d like to join in this work, whether helping to support it financially, or volunteering to help us out in other ways, please use the links below:

Make a donation
Become a ministry volunteer

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